Friday, October 30, 2020

The politics of stupidity, reprise

1. Choose a stupid leader, someone who will bark stupid lies with enough conviction that they seem authentic (they aren't).

2. Enact stupid and destructive policy. Ignore serious, important, long term solutions for stupid immediate appearances. If the policies are also cruel, so much the better. To the stupid, this looks like toughness.

3. Bark stupid lies about your failures, the opposition, anything really. The point is not to be right; the point is to make so much stupid noise that no adequate response can cut through.

4. It's now harder and harder to maintain a lucid argument, or to identify stupidity and name it directly.
If you can get ostensibly smart people, like judges or the Hoover Institute, to cover for your stupidity, that's even better.

6. Stupidly blunder back to 1 and 2, because the only solution to the current, stupid mess will look like more stupidity.

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